Decorated Space with silver and other old itemsAfter wandering around a favorite thrift shop recently, before departing I couldn’t resist conducting a small experiment.

Keep in mind that this particular store has several large rooms with clothes, home décor, and furniture, and is beautifully designed and artfully arranged. Tiny twinkle lights adorn the windows, and displays are arranged by color, theme, and function. Ever warm and inviting, it is a favorite place to browse.

But wait. Browsing was all I was doing. On this particular day I was leaving without purchasing anything. Not one thing. I stopped and took the time to examine the various displays and piece by piece, the items in each one. Nothing by itself struck me. Not one thing. Very obviously, on this day at least, it was the whole I was attracted to.

What did this mean?

Well some would say, “Nothing. Too bad for you it was a crappy shopping day.” Perhaps so, but I drew some other conclusions.

1) Feel-good space attracts people, makes people want to be there, hang out. Even though I left without a purchase, the experience was pleasant, and I’m sure to return. Next time, as I’ve done several times in the past, for their AND my benefit, I will likely buy something.

2) Even old cast-offs, if well-arranged, can look great and create the “stuff” of a pleasing environment.

3) The whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. Elements by themselves have limited value, but when artfully combined with others, their value is greatly enhanced. Diamonds, a good piece of art, elements of people’s faces and bodies, the examples are endless. And don’t even get me started on how this applies to giftings and personalities! Together we are most certainly better!

This was a good object lesson, a taste of what I LOVE doing in people’s homes and businesses.

Regardless of the quality of your belongings, I can make the most of them AND suggest what added elements would enhance their features and make them pop. Great space is well within your reach!

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