Reframed Old PictureAwhile back I was preparing an office space for a new client. A previous renter had left behind a framed print of rowers sculling through a body of water, and we were considering discarding it in favor of other décor.

But wait. Upon closer inspection, the “print” was actually a signed watercolor, an original, a beautiful piece. Why we hadn’t really “noticed” it had everything to do with its framing and where it had been hung when the previous renter occupied the space. It had blended in, barely noticeable.

What a find, and right under our noses! The theme was valuable and entirely appropriate to the new business: people working together toward a goal, the team approach favorable to going solo. click here for Before/After

I reframed the piece with a dark blue mat and black frame. The result brought the subject matter into focus: rowers and the context of their quest: cutting through the deep blue. Its value had increased exponentially; figured into the design scheme in just the right place gave the piece still more due and in turn, the space was enhanced by having it there.

Yup. What we do with what we got makes all the difference.

A dozen movies come to mind: plain, hometown girl gets discovered, her staggering potential brushstrokes away, realized with a little mascara, eye liner and a set of contact lenses. Some hair straightening and elocution lessons, and a “head turner” is born!

Cause your own space to turn heads by making the very most of what you have. I can help!

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