Home Staging to Stay!

It turns out that what you’ve heard IS true…home IS a haven.

Yet with your physical space, you may not feel that’s true at the moment. Order is lacking, furniture is probably not where it could be, art and photos are placed well, willy-nilly. Nothing seems uniform or intentional.

The home staging I do centers on taking what you have already and redesigning the space for its best possible appeal. I can help:

Create cozy and inviting entertaining spaces – You desperately want to have people over but are lacking in areas that say, “Come,curl up, and let’s talk for awhile.” Let me assist in creating those warm and inviting “nooks.”

Create picture walls and display collections – You have a zillion pictures in mismatched frames, and they’re everywhere. Let me help make sense of those as well as the various collections you’ve gathered over the years.
Add warmth to cavernous rooms – Family rooms in particular can feel vast and often cold. While intended to be the opposite, they’re often the last place we want to spend time in. Let me help warm them up.

Implement long-desired decorating goals – You may have a file – mental or real – of ideas you’re attracted to, that just say “you.” Let me help make them a reality.

Prioritize furniture and décor following a downsize – You’ve moved into a smaller space, but have no idea what to pitch and what to keep. I’ll help design your new space for comfort and style and after that the decisions become a lot easier.

Create a whole new look with your current space and belongings – After all, you don’t know what you really have until it’s shone in its best light possible.

There’s a lot of home décor problems you’d like to solve, ideas you’d love to implement, and while watching interior décor shows may inspire, taking action on your own can be overwhelming. Let me walk beside you!