About Anne Kaminski

I glory in helping people make the most of what’s right in front of them…

My greatest passion is encouraging others toward meaning-making – assisting them in identifying, ordering, and making sense of all they have—their giftings and personal histories, their physical surroundings, even their material possessions.

My bachelors and masters degrees in English and Clinical Social Work give testimony to early yearnings toward expression and story, and sensibilities in each area are woven in all that I do and am.

As for interiors, ever since I had a room to call my own, I’ve loved inside space, a palette for expressing what is dear:  family, work, faith, hobbies, and relationships.  Tiny, cozy areas to curl up and read or talk endlessly with friends are a favorite, dining areas to break bread and sup with others run a close second. Personal art interjected at key spots is found everywhere, and I am ever inspired to make new items, experimenting in areas brand new to me.  Bold and 3-D are especially appealing.

Over the years I’ve done my share of writing, counseling, decorating, and design, and I love them all!  Travel is big too. I’ve been fortunate to live overseas on two occasions, and in general bask in all cross-cultural experience and language learning!  Bring it on, I say!

Together with my husband, college-age son, teen daughter, and dog Roland, I make the picturesque, farm-filled Sutton, Massachusetts my home.