Making home staging and re-design affordable in Worcester and the Blackstone Valley!

I am thrilled to be part of making beautiful order and sense out of clients’ surroundings through home staging and re-design!

The good news is that beautiful, eye-pleasing space doesn’t need to have triple dollar signs attached. The key is beginning right where you are.

Interior decorating is viewed by many as unaffordable, a service belonging to the custom-drapery crowd, but I’m here to say…there’s hope!     Within a single space even minor changes can yield amazing results.      Taking what you have already and starting small can be B I G. Real B I G.

No job is too small. I can work with what you have!

Staging/Re-Design for Staying

For those who want their best-ever home long BEFORE they sell, I am there for you. I provide home staging and re-design for those staying in their homes. After all, why wait until you’re selling to have the home you want?

I start with what you have and go from there, make home transformation totally affordable.

Staging Homes For Sale

Preparing a home to sell involves redesigning your space to maximize your home’s best features. Furniture and décor placed wherever there’s empty space is unappealing, while items arranged artfully and purposefully increase’s your home’s potential, resulting in your best-ever space with little additional cost.

I take what you have already, arrange key pieces in the best way possible, and make suggestions for additional changes and additions.

Staging/Re-Design for Business

Staging and redecorating office space is another service I’m thrilled to offer.

You spend hours of your week in this “home-away-from-home,” so I will re-design and rearrange your office space to create a pleasant atmosphere. This will enhance your own experience but also help to attract new customers and make current clents feel at home.


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What Our Staging Clients Say

I hired Anne a few years ago to give my house a desperately needed pick me up. She absolutely transformed the entire first floor of my home from sheer chaos to rooms of beauty and tranquility. She was pragmatic in her approach to dealing with my clutter of children’s toys. She was inspired as she pulled a mish-mash of pictures and decorations into works of art. My rooms are now beautiful, inviting and relaxing. The whole first floor of my house just makes sense now. Now to get her started on my second floor! Jennifer W.